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10 Gift Ideas to Give Book Lovers This Holiday Season 2020

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Do You Need A Gift Idea For A Book Lover?

Even though 2020 has been a hard year doesn't mean giving gifts has to be! Below I have listed 10 gift ideas any book lover would enjoy; ranging from free to more expensive $-$$$$ items. Many can be handmade while some can be store bought or a mix of both.


10 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

1. Tarot

Tarot is a different type of reading than most book lovers are used too. Each card has its own meaning, and when combined with other cards can give you a better understanding of the relevancy to your life.

Most of the time the deck comes with a booklet explaining the details of the cards and the different layouts one might conduct depending on the question being asked. There are even different types of decks including energy or spiritual decks. So when shopping for a loved one think about the kind of deck they would prefer along with the design of the cards.

My friend, Britta, got me involved with tarot and now her and a few other friends of mine get together every few months to have tarot nights. Its pretty fun and a good time to catch up on life.

Price Range: $-$$

2. Bookends

Bookends are a great way to stylishly hold books upright. These are helpful for people who have a handful of books but no book shelf to put them on.

They are easy to make too! Some scrap wood with a cool figurine glued on plus a quick coat of spray paint can make an awesome handmade gift book lovers will enjoy for years to come.

Check out Pinterest if you need instructions on how to make them.

Price Range: Free-$$

3. Bookmark

Nothing is more frustrating then losing the page you last read especially when its at the climax of the story.

Bookmarks make it easy for readers to pick up right where they left off. They can be created from almost anything(felt, dried flowers, ribbon, etc.) making them an easy gift to personalize and DIY. They also prevent the folding of page corners (I'm talking to the few of you who like those doggie ears).

There are also sites where you can print hundreds of them for cheap in case you like to read several books at once or have multiple people in the family who love to read.

Price Range: Free-$

4. Gift Card

Now, this is the type of present I can get behind because one, it's easy, and two, it takes the guesswork out of the perfect gift.

A gift card to a person's favorite local bookstore or coffee shop is a great way for the person to choose what they want while not spending any of their own money.

Almost ever Christmas my dad gets me a gift card to Barnes and Noble and I spend it almost instantly.

Price Range:$-$$$$

5. Kindle

For non-traditional book readers, a Kindle is the way to go. The Kindle holds hundreds of books which are easy to download. The size is great for on-the-go and can be stored effortlessly in your night stand or bag.

I have had mine for years and with one simple click I can purchase a new book instead of waiting until the next day. I promise this isn't an ad... I just really like my Kindle!

Price Range: $$$$

6. Notebook and Pen

A notebook and pen are great gifts for people who are wanting to write their own stories. They range in price, depending on the quality, but can be used for many things.

Each year my cousin gifts me a new journal and pen in which I write down all my fun travelling adventures plus bucket list items. This is one of my most cherished gifts!

Price Range: $-$$$

7. Framed Book Cover

A framed poster of someone's favorite book cover or book series can add a nice element to a room. All you need is a printer and a frame to make it happen. If not, your local print shop and/or craft store can help you out.

Price Range: $-$$

8. Signed Copy

An autographed book from the author can be an amazing gift, but one that could be hard to come across. For older books, an quick search on eBay might do the trick, but you have to be mindful of fake signatures. Best bet is to see if the author is having a signing near you and go get it yourself. Bring along the person you hope to get the gift for to make the experience more fun!

I don't have any of my books signed but hopefully one day I will meet an author to a book a really enjoyed reading.

Price Range: $-$$$

9. Gift Basket

A gift basket is great gift idea if you want to give more then just one item with a collective theme. The basket can even include the items listed above along with a pair socks, tea or coffee, a blanket, and one or two books. Sounds like one cozy night of reading to me!

Depending on where you shop themed gift baskets can be pricey so I suggest shopping at local thrift stores or a dollar store before going straight to the mall to find items.

I've done several of these for friends and family and the hunt for items is always a blast.

Price Range: $$-$$$$

10. Custom Stamp

A personalized stamp with your name is a great gift for someone who is afraid of losing their books. I have had two of them(one since I was six) and they work great. They can also be used for other things besides books. Etsy is a great place to support handmade and get personalized gifts like a custom stamper.

Price Range: $$-$$$


The Gift of Giving

I love gifting the perfect gift to my friends and family. Depending on the person I will create a handmade present or go buy something from the store. Don't even start me on the joy of wrapping the gifts!

Hopefully the 10 ideas above help you out this holiday season. If you have any other ideas please list them in the comments below!

If you are someone who likes to gift on other holidays besides Christmas and birthdays my children's book Princess Gabriella and the Never-Ending Kiss is available now on Amazon for only $9.99. So go check it out!

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