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Friend Adventures: House by the Sea

The First Friend Adventure

For my birthday last year I received an amazing gift. This gift included a book called The Adventure Challenge: Friends Edition along with a Polaroid camera. In this book includes over 40 adventures to go on, but there's a catch.

The catch... you don't know what these adventures are.

There are several categories of adventures with each having their own symbol to give clues as to what waits underneath. To reveal the adventure all you have to do is scratch off the top layer and read the prompt.

So to start off the adventure I added 20 close friends to a group chat letting them know they've been invited to what I like to call Friend Adventures. There I would put a time and date along with any info I had based off the symbols the book supplied.

If they can come...great! If not, there will always be another one.

So with that I set the first date and picked out an adventure for the first ever Friends Adventure.

Because the weather couldn't make up its mind I decided to pick one made for indoors. The first one being in the category Snacks on Snacks with the subtitle House by the Sea(weed).

Days leading up to the adventure everyone kept asking me what we would be doing. No one seemed to believe me when I said, I, like them, were not certain until we scratched off the top layer.

So with that the day came and I set up the house for people to stop by. I set out wine I had laying around the house, and made some lemonade for kicks. I placed the book, polaroid camera, and most importantly a quarter to scratch of the top layer on the table.

Everyone started arriving and without hesitation gathered around the table to see what adventure laid ahead.

I quickly scratched at the top layer while my roommate read aloud the directions. Here's what they said:

For this challenge, you'll need to grab at least two packages of dried seaweed for each player. Set yourselves up at a table facing each other. Now set a timer for two minutes. On 'Go' start the timer and start building! Using the seaweed, build a 'house of cards' style structure as fast as you can !

Whoever has the tallest structure at the end of the two minutes wins! As a bonus, after you've honed your building skills while playing the game work together to see how tall you can build a seaweed tower. 

And with that we were off to the store down the street! The sun was shinning, but the ground was moist leaving mud on our shoes as we walked through a field to our destination. Along the way we came up with strategies to build the tallest tower.

Once at the store, we cleared the shelf of seaweed snacks, and grabbed anything else we wanted such as drinks or groceries in general.

After laying out our newly purchased seaweed we gathered around the table. We decided to not put a timer on, but instead, give ourselves a chance to actually build a tower against each other as two minutes was not enough time.

My strategy was to rip the seaweed half way through and interlock them together creating an X which I could then stack on top of each other. The seaweed was oily which made it more difficult than expected. I was doing good and if we had been going based off the timer probably would have won the challenge. Instead, my tower fell having me start all over. I looked to my left and there my roommate had built and entire tower while munching on some leftovers. It was actually a house of cards and very impressive. My other friend, Andrew, did the same while everyone else struggled. After a half an hour Andrew and Jessi were ultimately named the winners of the challenge as everyone's towers kept collapsing.

With our oily hands and destroyed seaweed snacks we decided to avoid the last part of the challenge and instead drink wine and chat.

It was a great night which I, of course, did not get many pictures of due to the fact I wanted to win the challenge. But for the next one I hope to get lots more!

If you are looking to do something fun and spontaneous you should check out The Adventure Book Challenge. They have a few different versions based on what you are looking for when it comes to adventure seeking and who you want to participate with in the challenges.

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