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Happy Planners: Reviewing How to Plan Your Blog, Writing, and Your Personal Life in One

How Happy Does the Happy Planner Make You?

When I first began the blog, I had no real plan on when and how I was going to write. Even though the content I was producing was great I had to many ideas but no way of organizing them. After doing some research I soon found out this was one of several ways bloggers fail within the first year, if not months.

Failing was not an option for me and quickly made my way to my local craft store in hopes of creating a plan to sustain the blog for years to come.

Besides keeping my ideas in a notes page on my phone, I knew I needed another way of keeping my ideas while organizing them at the same time. This is when I stumbled upon the Happy Planner.

Immediately I knew I had to get it. Not only was the cover stunning but the page layout inside looked like it was exactly what I needed to help plan out the blog. The best part, it was on sale!

Happy Planner Pros

The instant I got home, I went to our lounge room spreading out the papers which contained all my ideas along with several markers to make out my plan and get familiar with my new planner.


The first thing I took note of was how customizable the planner was compared to other planners I had seen or used in the past. Instead of a metal spiral ring or paper spine keeping the contents together the happy planner had individual removable rings. These rings could be switched out based on the style you were wanting with your planner. Mine currently has 9 removable rings in the color black with heart shapes in the middle. If I wanted, I could easily change them out for another style.

Since the rings are removable this allowed me to add or take away any of the contents which most planners do not have. This has allowed me to spread out the planner on my table to easily see due dates instead of flipping back and forth.


Not only were the removable rings durable and thick, but the cover was laminated, and the inside paper was of good quality. This allowed me to flip the pages without worry of ripping anything out.


Inside I found an overview of not only the current year but the year following along with another section for birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries. Each month could be easily found with different colored tabs with the name of the month. Once I flipped to the tab, I was greeted with a beautiful photo along with different graph styled lines to write down any notes. There were even sections for priorities or goals and other important dates I could fill in.

The weekly spread was divided into 3 sections which I divided into personal life, meal prep, and blog/writing content. On the side listed any goals I needed to accomplish for the week.

Happy Planner Cons

Additional Items

After using the planner for some time, I noticed there wasn't any additional places I could use to write my ideas or thoughts down if I filled the first part of the months up. There was one piece of lined notebook paper in the back but no others that came with the original planner. I'm sure because it can be customized more pages could be added if needed. I just wish there was more within the planner initially.


When I first purchased the planner, I noticed there were two different sizes to choose from, a large and a small. I went with the large size but soon realized it was heavy to carry around and even though it fit in my backpack took up a bunch of space. I ended up eventually getting the smaller one then realized I didn't have as much room to write as I had before. If they had a size right between the two it would be perfect for me.

Limited Designs

When picking out my planner from the selection the craft store currently had I realized there wasn't many options to choose from. I hate planners or journals with words on the fronts which limited my options greatly. In the end, I chose one that had the year on the front in bright colors.

Like I mentioned before, because the planner is customizable, I am sure they have more options available on their website.


If it weren't for the sale my local craft store was having at the time, I would not have purchased this planner. Originally $30, I ended up buying mine for $12. Still a bit pricey for what I initially planned on spending even with the high-quality paper.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I do love my Happy Planner. The diversity within the planner itself allows me to mix and match based on my lifestyle while also looking stylish. Even though the price is high the daily use gives you your money's worth.

I would definitely recommend this planner to a friend if asked as this planner as allowed to me plan not only for the blog, but for my personal life, goal setting, and meal prep all in one.

Do you have a Happy Planner? If so, how have you customized it to help with your everyday planning?

What should I review next? Tell me in the comments below!

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28 ago 2022

I have a Happy Planner too and I love it. There are other accessories you can buy for it like a hole punch, extra pages, and other note pages. I got the small one and I cary it everywhere. Great review for anyone who doesn't have one.

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