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How to Get Over Doubts About Writing Your Book Sequel

Are You Writing Your Sequel in a Series?

As I have mentioned many times before, I released my first ever children's book, Princess Gabriella and the Never-Ending Kiss, back in February 2021. It was a successful launch and overall a great time as I was excited to share it with everyone.

Shortly after I released my story, my followers were already asking, "When does the next one come out?"

"Soon!" I would reply knowing I already had the ideas behind the second and, in fact, the third book whirling around in my head.

To make things even easier on myself, I decided to have the Never-Ending series be a static series. A static series follows the same group of characters, or in my case, Princess Gabriella, as they go about on a new adventure. Time and character development is non-existent cutting back on the difficulty of trying to relate the two stories.

I had already planned to begin the writing process the summer of 2021 but every time I would go to write, or even plan an outline, the harder it became.

Thoughts of 'What if this isn't as good?' kept running through my head. It's now fall of 2022 and I have yet to write a single word of my sequel. A conscious decision on my part and one I'm grateful for.

How to Get Over Your Doubts

You're probably confused wondering "So you're not writing your second book?". Technically, this is correct as no words have been penned, but behind the scenes I have been slowly working through the plans and ideas I have for it. Doing this has avoided those doubts slipping back in while also ensuring myself of a next great book launch. Here's how I did it:

Take Your Time

In this day in age, everyone expects things quickly. This does not bode well when it comes to creative writing. This is why you should take your time between releasing your first and second book especially if you are unsure of the next steps. Giving yourself this time lets you think through the endless possibilities of your plot and can ultimately help you decide which path you need to take when you do finally sit down to write your story.

Creative writing takes time, so allow yourself the chance to use it wisely. Your readers will still be there when you release the sequel and will appreciate the quality versus quantity method.

Get Excited

Launching your first book takes a lot of your time and energy. Once the hype has died down it's hard to get that excitement back. To do this, begin looking for inspiration for your sequel. Create mood boards, talk with other authors about your ideas, and get excited to write. So, by the time you are ready to begin, those doubts will be long gone.

Work on Other Projects

As a writer, there are often times you think of a story idea while finishing the current project you are working on. Instead of going in sequence, push your sequel aside and work on the project you are currently thinking about.

I do this often with my short stories and blog posts which in turn gets me excited about my second book in my Never-Ending series.

Final Thoughts

Some say your sequel is harder to write than the first, and they aren't wrong. Doubts can creep in but if you give yourself the time, energy, and permission to work on other projects, your sequel will begin to write itself as the doubts begin to fade away.

Are you working on a sequel in your series? If so, what are some doubts you had to get over before taking the next steps? Tell me in the comments below.

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Chris skippins
Chris skippins
Sep 22, 2022

Hi Kali, My books are one story that is broken into a series of smaller stories, and so the sequel's were already written when the first one was published, so I didn't have the doubts, but I did find that I learnt so much from the first book, that I rewrote the second before it was published, and that pattern has continued as I work through the series, learning more and more

from each one, so that the next is better...I am proud of my first book, but I could make it so much better if I was writing it now!

Kali Kuzma
Kali Kuzma
Sep 23, 2022
Replying to

I totally get that! Knowing the information I have acquired since then will definitely help in finishing my second book here in the next year or so. Thanks for reading! Can't wait to see what else you com out with next!

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