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How to Write Manifestations

Do You Manifest?

If you are new to the blog, then you might not know that I love goal setting. Even though goal setting was more natural in my everyday life growing up, I didn't begin taking things seriously until about 5-6 years ago.

At first, I kept things to myself which was fun for a while but after some time but one night I began talking with a friend about the things I wanted to do with my life. The more I spoke about them out loud the more it seemed like my goals were becoming a reality.

Eventually, everyday things such as 'I hope this person walks through the door.' or 'Wouldn't be great if we nailed down this client?' were happening within minutes if not days from the thoughts leaving my mouth.

After speaking with some friends of mine, I realized what I was doing was a practice called manifesting, otherwise known as attracting living and believable thoughts into existence.

The more I looked into the idea of manifesting the more I noticed the positive outcomes.

How to Write Manifestations

Manifesting all begins with an idea, a want, or a feeling. In many cases, if you have a certain goal in mind, you can start manifesting for that goal to become a reality. Even though many people only focus on the mental portion of manifesting some take it to the physical in a form of story writing. Here are some simple steps to bring your manifestations to paper.

1. Purchase a journal- Get a journal or notebook specifically for manifesting. Pick a journal you fell a connection with to help in the writing process.

If you do not have money to get a new journal or notebook, rip out any pages from an old one you have at home, or decorate one.

2. Believe in a concept, want, or feeling- Manifesting will not work unless you whole heartedly believe in the idea. This may only be every once in a while, which is totally okay but deep down inside you have to want what you are manifesting.

Often times, it's simple things that come on a daily basis versus bigger goals that take large chunks of time and effort. For example, "I'm going to get the client." is much easier to manifest than "I want 7 million dollars."

3. Write Your Manifestation-Now comes to the actual writing. When manifesting, think as if the goal as already been achieved. Now write the story of how you achieved it. Be as specific as possible. When did it happen, where did it happen and with who?

The more you write the better. These little details make all the difference when it comes to manifesting.

4. Do It Again- You wrote your manifestation! Yay! But guess what? It's not over. Write it again, and this time try to be more specific than the last. Keep believing in the feeling you had the first time around. Discuss it with friends, reread what you wrote over and over again. The more you write and discuss with others the more your manifestations will become a reality.

Final Thoughts

Like I mentioned above, you don't have to manifest for everything in life. Do it only when you really feel it in your heart.

I currently have a manifesting journal on my bedside table where it's in arms reach for when I get a feeling of a want or a need. I suggest keeping it someplace where you can easily access it on a daily basis if need be.

Tell me in the comments below of a manifestation you would love to become a reality.

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