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Looking Within to Find Writing Inspiration

Sometimes You Have to Look Within

There are times when I just want to sit down and write. The feeling is there but I'm not sure what it is I actually want to say. Times like these, I grab a piece of paper and sit. I sit until the thoughts start forming and jot down everything that comes to mind. Usually, an essay is the final result of these sessions which gets tossed aside after the need to write has subsided.

But, there are times where I think 'hey this is important and could be useful'.

This happened a few months ago when the need to write began creepy in, and I slowly pulled a pen and paper out of my nightstand.

Instead of an essay, I wrote a list. A list of times I truly felt happy and content. Where my heart was full, and nothing could ruin it. As I read the list over, I realized I could use these items as inspiration for my future stories.

So, the next time you are needing some inspiration. Take a piece of paper out and reflect on your happiest moments that filled your heart with joy. What do you wish you still did that you used to enjoy? What makes you smile every time you think about it?

Think of these questions and as you make your list think of how you can use them.

What can you use from it? Is there a character trait you would like to add to one of your characters? Is there a scene you could write including one of the events? There are so many ways you can incorporate your list into your next story.

Here's some of my list in case you need a head start:

  • The haunting feeling of saying the word nightingale

  • Watching baseball on a Friday afternoon

  • Gazing up at the night sky all night long

  • Getting beef jerky from the plastic case in a gas station

  • Castles... just castles

  • Fireflies on the forest edge

  • Watching a lightning storm from the window

  • Cuddled in a blanket with hot chocolate next to the fire

  • Hanging my arm out the window on a summer night

  • Learning about human anatomy

  • Fossils and bones

  • Alligators and crocodiles

  • Geography

  • Watching animals in nature

  • Musicals

  • Spontaneous quality time

  • Scootering/roller skating

  • Cooling off after being outside in the heat and eating chips

  • Finding unique antiques

  • Fourth of July in Red Lodge

  • Watching cake baking shows/competitions

  • Watching an afternoon movie and eating a snack while laying on the floor

I have a much longer list, which has inspired me in many ways when it comes to my writing. This exercise has made me realize I need to incorporate some things into my live again. Tell me in the comments below some of your list and how you would incorporate it into your next story.

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