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The 250 Word Microfiction Challenge 2020: Crafting a Short Story in Less than 24 Hours Part 1

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

The Before Thoughts

As I clicked on the sponsored Facebook ad I thought to myself, "Wow, I've been needing a good challenge." At least with writing because, let’s be real, 2020 has been A CHALLENGE!

Anyways, writing comes and goes for me like the waves of the ocean. I have a million ideas building up and have to write them down all at once, or I come crashing down never being able to get them on paper.

Once that moment is gone, I can never have it back which is why when I do write it's all at once.

That, right there, is the reason I write short stories and why the 250 Word Microfiction Challenge is the perfect challenge for me.

What’s the Challenge About?

Once making it to the website, I read over the few rules they had listed. Simply enough, starting November 20th you will get an email stating three things.

First, the genre in which you must write.

Genres can include:

· Fairytale/fantasy

· Historical fiction

· Drama

· Ghost story

· Mystery

· Romance

· Comedy

· Action/Adventure

Plus many more.

Next, an action that needs to take place in the story.

Examples of Actions:

· Blackmailing

· Getting a cookie

· Having a heart attack

· Holding hands

Finally, a word that needs to be included somewhere in the story.

Examples of Words:

· Problem

· Pregnant

· Cookie

Then the hard part starts when you have only 24 hours to write a story in 250 words or less. You will be put into groups, and within those groups you will compete against each other to go to the next round. In total there are three rounds lasting until February.

Each story is judged and given a critique meaning it will take sometime to get the results in.

The fee to join the challenge is $29(it's usually $24 but I signed up past the first deadline) so I figured it wouldn’t hurt. Due to the rules, I won't be able to update Part II of this blog with the story I've written until 72 hours after submission.


The challenge starts tomorrow and I'm very excited. I'm hoping I won't get something to easy like fairytale or adventure since most of my stories I write fall within those genres. I want to push myself a little bit.

As far as preparing, I really haven't done anything other then try to come up with a concept or two to which I can fit within any genre. In the end, it most likely won't matter, and I'll probably go with something else entirely.

Like I mentioned, I won't be able to update Part II with the project until 72 hours after turning in the final story. I will keep everyone posted on the 250 word story, how the first round of the competition goes, and whether I would recommend the competition or not.

Until then...

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Sitwo Kit
Sitwo Kit
Feb 23, 2021

this is how I start to write, aim small to get myself into the routine

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