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10 Gift Ideas to Give Book Lovers This Holiday Season 2023

Great Gift Ideas

We are back with our fourth 10 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers! It's my favorite time of year when I get to see what cool and fun gifts someone would love come Christmas morning. From inexpensive to top dollar, these gifts will work for anyone who loves to read. Whatever you chose, the person you're getting it for will love it!

Keep scrolling to see an additional 30 gift ideas!


10 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

1. Book Vase

For those book lovers who want to decorate their shelves or counter tops a clear book shaped vase is the perfect gift! You can easily find these on Amazon along with different book titles and colors. They bring an organic look to the space and can really fit in with anything.

Price Range: $-$$

2. Page Overlays

Want to bring some color to those black and white pages? Get some page overlays! Great for fantasy books, these overlays bring some uniqueness and fun to the book especially when you get to the world building parts that may not be as easy to get through.

Price Range: $-$$

3. One More Chapter Coin

It's late at night and your reader just got to the best part of the book. But when they check the time, they realize it's very late. Flip a coin designed to tell them if they should keep reading or go to bed. This is so fun and very practical for those book lovers out there who always think one more chapter is the way to go.

Price Range: $

4. Socks

There's nothing better than snuggling up with a book and some cozy socks! Get some gender neutral socks they can wear any time of day or night. The best part, they are perfect a stocking stuffer.

Price Range: $-$$

5. Leather Book Belt

Nothing is worse than having to carry your books around with you. Especially a book lover who most likely is reading two to three books at once. A leather book belt is perfect for on the go and allows the person to keep their hands free.

Price Range: $-$$$

6. Book Stand

A book stand is not only decorative but also practical. Coming in plastic, wood, or metal they can fit in with any aesthetic to display your favorite book or when wanting to read while cooking or cleaning.

Price Range: $-$$$$

7. Book Nook

A book nook is a must when it comes to gifts. These little interacts scenes fit perfectly between your favorite books and come in a variety. From nature to a small library these wooden figurines make bookshelves interesting and keep you coming back to look again and again. Some even light up!

Price Range: $$$-$$$$

8. Tabs

For the book lovers who like to scribble, draw, and annotate their books, multicolored tabs are an inexpensive but fun gift to give. The more colors they get the better as they can match the colors to the cover of their current read.

Price Range: $

9. Bookmark Bouquet

Bookmarks are a great gift, but why not take it to the next level by buying or crafting a bouquet of them. Connecting a flower in the end of quotes give your book lover a treat every time they pull out the next bookmark.

Price Range: $-$$

10. TBR Trolley

Any reader knows that there are more books on a shelf needing to be read than have been read. Giving them a physical to be read trolley is a great way for them to keep track of how many books they need to read while keeping their bookshelf from overflowing.

Between them rolling as well as coming in several colors your book reader will love this gift.

Price Range: $$$$


The Gift of Giving

Now that you've gotten the gifts the best part is the wrapping! Don't forget to get some cute seasonal bags to put your items in topped with a bow.

If you loved these 10 gift ideas, but are looking for more, check out my posts from 2020, 2021, and 2022! There, I have 30 more unique gift ideas to get writers or book lovers. Tell me in the comments which items you'll be giving out this year.

If you are someone who likes to give gifts on other holidays besides Christmas and birthdays my children's book Princess Gabriella and the Never-Ending Kiss is available now on Amazon for only $9.99. So go check it out!

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