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45 Writing Prompts for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Writers: Low Content Book Launch

Launching a Low Content Book

It's finally here!!!

After months of hard work, 45 Writing Prompts for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Writers is finally available for purchase.

Inspired by the popular Random Generator series here on the blog, I decided to give other writers a challenge by creating prompts using words, sentences, and phrases to include into a short story.

Each level contains 15 unique prompts for writers to choose from. So, for someone just starting out, they can begin on page one and advance through each level the more they write, while advanced writers can grab a prompt of their liking depending on the type of story they want to create.

Unlike the Random Generator series, these prompts have additional word counts, character names, and multiple words, sentences, or phrases for an added twist.

Read my short story Benson Beach in which I take one of my own Advanced prompts from 45 Writing for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Writers to create a mystery thriller you'll want more's one of my favorites!

Get your copy of 45 Writing Prompts for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Writers on Amazon today for only $8.99! Not only will you find 45 writing prompts but 120 lined pages for you to start your next story.

I can't wait for everyone to start using the prompts. If you haven't already, sign up for the monthly newsletter to keep up with the latest launches and updates!

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