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Dyslexia: Life with Three Kids with Dyslexia: A Guest Post by Amanda Kute

Anyone Can Write

As a young child, I had a teacher who did not like my writing. In fact, she would take a red pen and cross the entire paper out with a big X. I would see the other students with similar stories or papers as mine in which she would give A or B's too without so much as reading them.

It made me believe my stories were no good and that I didn't think I could write. But as I've gotten older, I realized this was not the case.

Anyone can write a story. How they tell it is up to them and there is, in fact, no perfect formula or structure from start to finish(something she was adamant about).

That's why when Amanda reached out telling me a little about her and her kid's story, I knew they had to be featured on the blog. No matter the obstacles that come in the way of storytelling anyone and everyone can write.

Dyslexia: Life with Three Kids with Dyslexia
By Amanda Kute

Dane is 9 years old and very creative and inventive. He is constantly learning and loves to put things together. He is diagnosed with severe dyslexia and reading is very hard for him. Savannah is 8 and is also super artistic and creative. She has a big imagination and loves animals, especially her cat named Jewel and her horse named Scout. She is diagnosed with moderate dyslexia and reading is also very challenging for her. Savannah also has anxiety, which is very common with kids with dyslexia. Ruby is 6 and is a social butterfly. She loves being silly and making friends laugh. She has friends young and old. She also loves animals. She was recently diagnosed with dyslexia, too.

Dyslexia is a language-based learning difference where the brain has trouble processing letters and sounds for reading. Spelling and writing can also be hard for someone with dyslexia. Dyslexia is more common than you think; with about 20% of the population having it. There is a strong genetic link with dyslexia and symptoms can be on a continuum from very mild to profound. We are blessed to have such creative and smart kids, but having three with dyslexia, all in the learning to read stage, has been challenging. The odds for all three of the kids to have dyslexia was rare, so it makes my mama heart feel strongly that we are meant to be educators and advocators for dyslexia. Dyslexia is still very under supported in the school system and we feel a strong passion and desire as a family to help others with this diagnosis. One way we are trying to help others is through the books the kids have published.

In November of 2022, Dane and I signed up for a book writing class at Young Bookworms, a children’s bookstore in Colorado Springs. The owner of the store and author herself, named Joni, was impressed with Dane’s imagination, and helped us to publish his first book in 2023, called “The Gem of All Dragons.” Dane inspired Savannah and Ruby to also want to publish books and they started to write as well. Savannah quickly published her first book in 2023 called “Jewel Has Worries.” Ruby, not wanting to be left out, wrote and published her book called “It Is OK To Be Different.”

The books all represent dyslexia or anxiety in some way. The characters have dyslexia or anxiety and showcase the strengths of dyslexia or ways to overcome worries. Each book has pages of information on the diagnoses, giving the reader ideas and strategies.

Dane has published two books to date. His books are:

This book is an amazing adventure of a dragon named Starblaze (who has dyslexia) and how she overcomes a huge obstacle to save the gem of all dragons with the help of friends. It is a heart-warming tale with amazing illustrations of how perseverance and grit can get you through a challenge.

This book is another adventure tale with the two main characters having dyslexia and portraying the strengths of dyslexia throughout the book. Cube and Tangle have lost their village to a devastating asteroid and are on an adventure to find materials to re-build their village. They meet friends along the way, but also must defeat monsters and a dragon.

Savannah has written and published two books:

Jewel is a cat just starting preschool with her sister Crystal. Crystal is very outgoing, but Jewel has worries about school. She demonstrates many worries common to preschool and kindergarten aged kids. Her teacher helps her through her worries with some useful strategies for anxiety that worked for Savannah and helped school to be more fun. Join Jewel in this journey and enjoy the gentle and colorful illustrations the books provides. This book provides some very helpful strategies for anxiety in school.

Jewel is back and she is now in 1st grade. She is enjoying school and making friends but learning to read in 1st grade is hard. She does not understand why it is so much harder for her than her friends. Through the help of her mom, teacher and counselor she is diagnosed with dyslexia and gets the support she needs to make reading more successful. This book provides a lot of helpful information about signs and symptoms to look for with dyslexia and how you can access help.

Ruby wrote and published:

Noel is a snow leopard who was born different, without spots. She feels shy and nervous that she is different, worried that no one will like her. Through the warmth and love of her mother and a friend named Jake (a yak) who she meets, she learns it is OK to be different and that actually the world would be boring if we were all the same.

Ruby loves to be silly, she loves animals and she loves to rhyme. Ruby said rhyming helps her to read better and be more fluent in reading. She wrote three silly stories that rhyme to help others who may be struggling to read.

All the books are linked above and can also be found if you type in the kids’ names on Amazon. We would love support and especially honest reviews of their books.

Our goal is to continue writing and encouraging others. My kids are not reading at grade level, but just because they cannot read, does not mean that cannot “write” a book. We want to showcase that anything is possible through hard work and love. It can be hard to be a parent and know how to navigate challenging situations. My goal as their mom is to focus on their strengths and let them each shine in their own way. Dane and Ruby were in early intervention through The Resource Exchange. Dane for feeding challenges and torticollis as he was born premature. Ruby received PT for some weakness in one leg. They overcame those challenges and I know they can work through the challenges of dyslexia as well. Dyslexia is a lifelong condition, but one that has many strengths. We hope to help others recognize those strengths and help them to find the right supports so they can shine.

Thomas Edison said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas Edison is one of many famous inventors to be thought to have dyslexia.

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Guest Post Wrap Up

When starting the blog one of my main focuses was to help share other people's stories. Not just their book but their personal journey. The Kute family is one story I find to be uplifting as well as show the writing community why it is important to support each other.

If you haven't already, go show them love on their Facebook page!

You can also check out some of the latest guest posts including self-publishing authors Tricia Gardella or Nadja Bullis. If you would like to be featured on the blog, please feel free to reach out at

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Kelly Bell
Kelly Bell
Mar 21

Thanks for sharing. Your children are indeed smart, creative, and kind. Thanks for pouring into them like you do!

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