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How to Write Your Story while Working a Full Time Job

When Your Job Gets in the Way of Your Passion

I love to write. I love to come up with stories for others to read and hear. But there are times when I would love to sit down and write out a story and can't. This is usually while I'm working my full time job. So how do I get my writing done while working 40 hours a week? Check out these tips and tricks.

5 Tips and Tricks
  1. Write Early- Most people wake up and go straight to work. Instead of putting work first, I suggest waking up an hour or two early to knock out a few paragraphs. Your passion of writing is most likely more important to you than your job so instead of spending your energy on work spend it first in your writing.

  2. Use Breaks Wisely- While taking breaks at work, instead of scrolling through the apps, take out a notebook or use your notes apps to write your story. You would be surprised how much writing you can get done during that time. Then you don't have to worry about it once you get home.

  3. Make Writing a Priority- There are times when you arrive home tried from the busy day at work. If you know you're busier at certain times of the week then schedule time during your less busy days to sit down and write. When you schedule this time, it makes it easier to let others know your time is full.

  4. Block Write- When I know I need to write a few blog posts, I will sit down and write everything in one go. This way, I don't have to worry about it later especially if I know work will be taking up most of my time. If you are writing a novel give yourself a goal of writing a certain amount before doing anything else. 1000 words, three pages, one chapter is a good start.

  5. Look for Inspiration- While working, take note of the things people say or do while working around you. It can be anything from a certain event down to a funny article of clothing someone might wear. Who knows, it might inspire your next story or help with your current one.


Final Thoughts

Working a full-time job can really get in the way of your hobbies and passions but there are definitely ways to keep up on them, you just have to look in the right places.

How do you keep up with your writing while working full-time? Let me know in the comments below and check out these other posts about writing.

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