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Judging A Book By It's Cover: Do You Have A Cover that Sells?

What Catches Your Eye?

Every once in a while I will spend a few hours wandering Barnes and Noble taking a look at the latest releases. I keep the YA section as my last stop knowing I will usually find something there.

Even though I do have a love of paranormal creatures I don't find my next book by the premise of the story but by the looks of the front cover. Mostly everyone has heard the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover", but I, in fact, do.

I gravitate toward more dramatic covers which include dark colors with a central focus point. If the cover draws me in, I take the time to read the small snippet of the story. If the cover seems to represent the story then I will usually purchase the book.

This is why book covers are so important. Not only do they need to stand out against the other hundreds of books on the shelf but to represent your story.

When I wrote Princess Gabriella and the Never-Ending Kiss I knew the cover was going to make or break the book. This is why I left it until the very end.

Taking elements from the internal page illustrations and also trying to show Princess Gabriella on a journey I believe my cover stands out against the crowd. Exactly what needs to happen when selling a book.

So how do you make sure your book pops compared to authors novels?

How to Make Your Book Cover Stand Out

1. Use color of the year as your inspiration. Annually, Pantone chooses a color which ultimately makes way for trends during the year. You will see apparel and home décor slowly transition to this color.

This year's color is Illuminating Yellow.

2. Have a main point of interest. Let there be something for the reader to focus on that draws them in. Having multiple focus points can be distracting for the reader and deter them away from purchasing your book. Examples of this can include the main character, an important element from the book, or movement such as a water droplet.

3. Know what month you are publishing your book. For example, if you have written a horror story which comes out in October use darker colors like red and black or a theme in which will get readers interested. People who are wanting to read horror stories during Spooky Month will be able to spot the book easily. Remember to make sure the theme relates to your story though!

For PGNEK, I released it a week before Valentine's Day since the word 'kiss' was in the title on top of being a love story. This made it a perfect time to sell my book.

4. See what other authors are doing in the same category. Do your research and see if your cover is similar to other books. If so, try to make your cover stand out using different colors or elements. Really think outside the box while not going to off course to get your readers attention. For example, if you write a book about weight loss you will probably want to avoid putting a picture of food or of a coach on the cover. Instead, take an example from Caroline Dooner who used a great font along with color to stand out from the rest.

5. Use a font people can read. This one is simple. Choose a font people can read from far away and up close. Nothing is worse then trying to read a title. If your font is messy your story must be then to.... right?

6. Have a professional work on your cover. Out of everything to spend money on it's this element. Hire someone who has a portfolio and excellent reviews to back them up. Most people can see when an amateur designs a cover thus sales tend to lack because of it so don't do it yourself... unless you are a professional of course. I used to find someone.


Final Thoughts

I kept the above tips and tricks in mind when I decided on my final cover from Princess Gabriella and the Never-Ending Kiss. Having a great cover helped me become a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

Next time, when you are in Barnes and Noble, or any book store for that matter take a look around and see what covers catch your attention. Think about how you can make them your own.

Leave a comment below telling me what catches your eye when looking for a good book! If you are interested in more of my work please subscribe to get monthly newsletters and updates for the blog.

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