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The Killer Rejects: Random Generator Short Story Challenge

Just Another Prompt

We are back at it with another prompt from my book 45 Writing Prompts for Basic, Intermediate, and Advance Writers. I've been going hard with the Intermediate and Advance prompts lately which is why I'm going to go easy on myself with a Basic prompt this time around.

Once I saw the prompt, I laughed as it is leading us into next month's theme, Spooky Month where every week of the month of October will be spooky. Here's to hoping I bring in the month strong!

Words: killer, reject

Sentence: N/A

Phrase: N/A

Character: Audrey Jacobson

Word Count: 1700-1900

The Killer Rejects

The Killer Rejects

For One Night Only

Friday, October 13th


"WE DID IT!" Chad screamed pulling everyone in for a hug. They cheered, laughed, and cried all in one below the sign of their first venue, The Gathering.

"We did it," he said again, but this time under his breath drawing Audrey in close landing a quick smooch to her cheek. Her tears were salty.

"Edgar, please come take our photo," Audrey held up the polaroid camera she would be carrying everywhere with her on the tour. Edgar grumbled tired from the long drive from Louisiana to Georgia but complied stumbling out of the tour bus. "Guys, big smiles!"

The camera snapped relieving the excitement all of them contained for their first big tour across the U.S.

"Edgar, I see a sign that says to pull around back. We'll head inside to see what's up," Audrey gestured towards the doors. Ricky pushed Luke out of the way wanting to be the first inside.

As they all entered, they took in their surroundings. The Gathering was known for its gothic moody atmosphere where punk rock bands would flock from across the nation to play at sold out concerts. For anyone who was on the road to becoming famous, this was the place to play, and it was their first stop on the tour.

The owner showed them their green room. It was small, but cozy, with old velvet couches pushed along the walls. They had a few hours before the show began and after rehearsal and sound check they excitement they once had was turning into nervous energy.

"You alright?" Ricky sat next to Audrey placing an arm over her shoulder.

"What if I forget the words?" she worried.

"You? Nah, never. You sounded great out there during rehearsal. Plus, you've done this a thousand times before."

"I know, but this venue, this tour, it's a whole new level. I don't want to mess this up for us," Audrey breathed a sigh. "You know full well if anyone is going to mess this up for us, it's going to be Luke," Ricky pointed to Luke who was unsuccessfully trying to balance a guitar pick on his nose.

"Thanks Ricky. You're the best big brother a girl could have," Audrey held up the polaroid camera. Snap!


"10 Minutes!" The backstage coordinator sounded into the green room. Luke who had been quiet the last hour chimed in, "I got to go take a drag."

"Really, right now?" Chad annoyingly twirled his drumsticks between his fingers, "We are about to go on."

"It will calm me down, okay. I'll be back in two minutes," Luke made for the door, down the hall, and propped the exit door open slightly. From the alley, he could see the last of the line cramming their way in through the front entrance. He lit a cigarette, inhaling deeply.

"Excuse me?" a voice sounded from behind him. Luke whirled in fright to see a young man. The boy was dressed as most concert goers, with a black vintage band tee, black cargo pants with chains hanging from the sides. Unlike the other gothic kids Luke had meet, this boy's skin was ghastly white. Had he even seen the sun before? And his eyes, hollow and dark hidden behind onyx hair. Luke wasn't sure if it was grease or gel that created the spindles of hair hanging in front of the boy's face. "Can I get a photo?"

"Ah..... yeah man, I don't do photos," Luke responded taking another drag. He heard rumors his favorite guitarist from Sociopaths in Training refused to take photos with fans to keep a mysterious illusion of the band. Luke inspired to do the same for The Killer Rejects.

"Thanks for coming to the show though. See you in there," he nudged the guy on the shoulder, took one more drag, and went inside.

"Come on man, we're up," Chad still annoyed pushed Luke to the front of the group. "Let's Kill It!" Chad yelled the phrase seen on their merch over the music coming from the stage.

"Let's Kill It!" They all chanted as they flung the curtain back revealing the sold-out show.


They had not only killed it but slayed their lineup. The crowd's energy had been intoxicating.

They were reliving the night, hanging out on stage wooden chairs scraping across the floor and glasses clinking indicating the staff closing up for the night. The group still high on life giggled and laughed, drinking the free alcohol the venue provided them while Audrey snapped the night away not wanting to forget this moment.

"Great show tonight," Brain the venue owner walked onto stage. "We would be happy to have you back whenever you like."

"Thanks man," Chad put his hand out shaking Brain's firmly. "We appreciate it and will gladly take up that offer."

"The staff is done for the night, but I can see you guys are still in the party mood. You can hang out for here for a bit if you like. Just head out the back exit when you're done, it will lock behind you." The boys raised their glasses and cheered.

A few minutes later, The Gathering which had been eardrum breaking hours ago was now completely silent.

"To us," Ricky held up his glass gulping down the last bit and pouring himself another.

"You three," Audrey stood up gesturing for them to push closer together, "Sit here so I can get a picture of all three of you together."

"Haven't you taken enough photos of us tonight?" Luke whined.

"Just one more and I'll be done," Audrey wasn't sure how well this last photo would develop now that the stage lights had been dimmed. Snap! The guys quietly chatted while she waited for photo. Slowly, she could see Ricky's, Luke's, then Chad's smile come into frame. To Audrey's surprise the background which she thought would be pitch black held a face of pure white. Audrey gasped pulling the photo away and looked past the guys. There, standing close behind them was a young man.

"Excuse me," Audrey voice carried over the guys, "you can't be in here."

The guys turned standing up in surprise at the sudden appearance of the boy. Luke could see it was the same young man from the alley. "Hey dude, like the lady said, you can't be in here. It's closed."

"Can I get a photo?" the kid asked, tilting his head.

"Maybe at the next one kid," Luke said as he moved toward the guy. He would show him the way out. But before he even took two steps, Luke saw the boy pull something from his pocket bringing it up to Luke's chest.

"All I want is a photo." BANG! The gun, which the boy was now holding, went off. Luke sank to the ground motionless. Audrey screamed, while Ricky and Chad scrambled back arms out in a form of surrender.

"Whoa, there," Ricky shouted. "Look man, put the gun down." BANG! Another shot rang. Unlike Luke, Audrey saw Ricky go down in slow motion. His hand to his heart, eyes widening as the blood began to flow.

"Audrey, run!" Chad shouted as he sprinted towards the boy. Audrey watched as Chad collided with the guy, the boy looked unmoved as they wrestled for the gun. Audrey turned and in the dark hallway ran. The exit light shone brightly at the end. Before she could reach it, she heard another shot. She prayed it was Chad firing the gun.


The cops showed up shortly after while Audrey and Edgar took to safety within the tour bus. Neither Chad nor the gothic kid had made their way out of the building.

But now, as she sat in the back of the ambulance, she knew Chad would not be coming out. Instead, she watched on, as three covered gernes rolled out the front door. The same door they all had walked through a mere 10 hours ago earlier.

The police taped off the crime scene, while she was questioned by the head detectives. "Can you tell us what he looked like?" They asked. Audrey looked up voice shaky.

"He... um..he," for once she couldn't find her voice. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw him. The kid who had shot her band members. He emerged from the front door, sliding past the cops, the lights, the sirens, and walked toward the alley.

"There... there he is," Audrey pointed in shock. The detectives glanced confused. Audrey pointed again. "Don't let him get away!" But when the cops didn't move, she got up and jogged towards the alley where the boy had rounded the corner and out of site.

Ready to tackle the boy herself, she was surprised when the alley was empty. The killer was nowhere in sight. "Come on sweetheart," one of the detectives who was now standing behind her grabbed her by the shoulders turning Audrey back towards the ambulance. "Let's get you to the hospital to be evaluated."


It had been a few weeks since the murders. Audrey was back home in Louisiana staying at her parent's house while the last of the funerals wrapped up.

Audrey tossed and turned reliving the moment of the first gunshot. Why hadn't they all run in the moment? Ricky and Chad could be here with her right now. She flipped on her bedside lamp then crawled on the floor towards her luggage she hadn't touched since arriving.

Unzipping the suitcase, she maneuvered her hand past the clothes to the bottom of the case then began feeling around. They were there somewhere. A little prick from a corner indicated she had found what she was looking for. She pulled the photos out, bringing them to the bedside.

On top, laid her final photo. The guy's exhausted smiles from the show. In the background the killer. Audrey began crying ripping the photo in half. She wiped the snot away looking for another photo. She had taken many while they were on the stage joking around after the show. She pulled one of Ricky and smiled. He had been the best big brother to her.

Her smile didn't last long though the more she analyzed the photo. There, just behind Ricky, hidden slightly behind the curtains, the killer's white face appeared. Audrey grabbed another photo. This time one of her and Chad from the other side of the stage. The boy. He was in this one too except standing on the concert floor. She snatched another photo of Luke laying on the couch in the green room. There sitting on the arm rest, the boy's ghostly figure stared directly at the camera. She tossed the photos onto her bed spreading them out. In the center, the first photo Edgar had taken of them standing in front of The Gathering. Standing beside Ricky the goth kid's figure was clear as their own. The boy, the killer, was in every single photo.


Final Thoughts

Wow you guys this was such a fun one to write. In fact, I wrote it all in one sitting. Not going to lie, I kind of freaked myself out. Even in the middle of the day lol.

This one was slightly inspired by The Shinning, where it shows the picture of Jack Nicholson's character at the end revealing he had been there the entire time years prior. I've actually been to the hotel the book was written after. The hotel definitely gives off ghost vibes.

Do you think this story was a good way to bring in Spooky Month starting next week? Tell me in the comments below.

If you are wanting a writing challenge, go check out 45 Writing Prompts for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Writers for only $8.99 on Amazon!

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