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Update on Writing Goals 2022

How is 2022 Coming Along?

We are somehow almost halfway through the year. How can that be! With the year speeding by, that means seeing how my writing goals are coming along for the year.

Unlike the last few years, I decided to take a look at my goals a month before my normal check in. 'Why' you might ask?


As I come upon the half-way mark, I can really focus on what's important/what needs to be restructured to hit my goals.

But before we do that, let's look back and see what they are.

Goal Recap for 2022

At the end of last year, I came up with a bunch of writing goals which I decided to keep separate from my other personal goals. They included the following:

  • The Blog Schedule- Keep posting on the blog every Monday at 9am without missing a week.

  • Dream Journal- Last year, I wanted to fill an entire dream journal, but for 2022 switch to only writing down dreams that have made an impact.

  • Guest Posts- Continue working with other self-published children books authors so they can share their work on the blog.

  • Low Content Book- Release a low content book I work on by myself from start to finish.

  • Writing Competition- Participate in another writing competition of some sort. This time, a short story where I have to write at least 1200 words.

  • A Themed Writing Month- This pretty much explains itself, but have a whole month dedicated to a theme of some sort.

Even though these were my main goals to focus on for the year I always like to keep the future goals in the back of my mind as well. Here are some:

  • Traditional Publishing

  • Finish a Series

  • Write a Fiction Novel

  • Stand Alone Children's Book

  • How To eBook

  • Short Story Collection

  • Short Story Magazine or Website

1/2 Way Mark Results for 2022

Looking back at my goals now, I can't believe how much I've already accomplished! It's going so well in fact, I might be able to squeeze in another one of the future goals in sooner than expected. Let's take a look:

  • The Blog Schedule- Every Monday this year I've posted a blog. The best part, I already have the entire year planned out with a month's worth of content already written and scheduled to post.

  • Dream Journal- Even though I don't dream journal as often as I did last year, I've made sure to write down any dreams that have been significant to me. To me, this means pondering about it days after to the point I have to write it down. I've had some pretty intense dreams this year to say the least.

  • Guest Posts- I've continued to enjoy guest posts and have a couple more I hope to post in the next few months. The most recent including My Very Punny Dad and The Island Getaway.

  • Low Content Book- Not only did I work on a low content book from start to finish, I also published 45 Writing Prompts for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Writers on Amazon for only $8.99. I can clearly check this one off my list!

  • Writing Competition- Haven't seen a competition I would like to join yet but I still have 7 months to find one.

  • A Themed Writing Month- We hit the year off with the month of January dedicated to the All Things Nordics. Inspired by my time in Iceland, I wrote five posts relating to the 5 Nordic countries. It was a great time and readers seemed to really enjoy it.

  • Who are the Nordics?

  • The Greatest Adventure: A Trip to Iceland

  • The Difference between Folklore and Myths

  • Nordic Tales: A Book Review

  • Is This Really Nordic? Reviewing Nordic Brew Works

Final Thoughts

I figured since my writing goals are coming along swimmingly I would update you on some of the personal goals I mentioned in past posts. Themed around 'I'm Feeling 2022' I have to complete 22 things this year.

So far, I've fully marked 7 items off the list including pay off my Discover card, get rid of Apple TV, drink from a coconut, and travel somewhere new. Then, there are 14 either started or ongoing such as take Instagram photos twice a month or read five new books.

This check-in has made me realize when you set your mind to things you accomplish more than you think in a short amount of time. Hopefully I can continue this in the following months. Here's to 2022!

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