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Using Your Notes App to Write Your Next Story

The Forgotten Goldmine

Have you ever been scrolling through your notes app and come across a note that you either don't remember writing or thought 'hey, I'll make this note to remind me of this item', but then it's two years later and you just remembered it existed? No, just me?

Well after clearing out most of my phone of apps I no longer used, multiples of the same pictures, and a multitude of other items, I found myself clicking on the notes app. I scrolled towards the bottom hitting the one with the furthest date back. Inside was a note I don't remember ever writing and literally made no sense to me whatso ever. Strange that at one point in my life I knew what I intended but no longer do. That is when it hit me! The notes app is a goldmine for writers. Not only do I have notes dedicated for plots I can also use my everyday notes to help aide in the writing process.

Here's how to look at your notes app in a completely different way!

Need a character to make dinner but not sure what they are going to make? Just go to your notes app where there is certainly an old grocery list of ingredients of a dinner you had most likely put together and loved. How about you have your character go to the actual store with the list you already have written. Why try to come up with something new when you have already done the work.

The same goes for to-do lists. Have your character follow your to-do list for the day. These mundane tasks makes them seem so much more real and believable than the endless action packed adventures most people would never go on. Make the connection with the reader in small but subtle ways.

Need to write a short story but have no ideas? I bet you already have one sitting in your notes that you've completely forgotten about. Once you see it, the excitement you felt when you originally thought of the idea will come flooding back and you'll most likely be able to whip the story out in a timely manner. And just think-you might not have done that!

Struggling to pick a name for your character? Check to see if you have any in your notes. I know I have a list of coworkers throughout the years that I can gladly pull from if looking for side character's names. It really does come on handy.

One of my favorites is the Never Have I Ever note. The Never Have I Ever game used to be super popular, but I could never remember what I have or haven't done. So, I wrote a list which has come in handy several times. These would be great character interactions or traits one could use for their books. Or maybe even a fun game for your character to play in your story.

I don't know about you, but I keep a list of book titles. How about you write a short story using one of those?

I also have long text messages I needed typed out before sending them to a group chat. I'm sure there are sentences upon sentences I could use in there or ideas to pull from including dialogue.

Your notes app is a great place to start if you are stuck with writer's block. All you have to do is go looking for some inspiration. And lucky you, you already did the work!

What are some ways you would use your notes app to write your next story? Tell me in the comments below!

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