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Alphabet Slappers: A Friend Adventure

Another Friend Adventure

If you're new to the blog you might not know I started a series called Friend Adventures a few months ago where I take the book The Adventure Challenge: Friends Edition and see what adventures my friends and I get up to.

With The Adventure Challenge: Friends Edition book you don't know what adventure you will go on until you scratch away the top layer revealing the synopsis. **Warning there are spoilers ahead!**

After the fun we had with the first Friend Adventure: House by the Sea(weed) I knew we had to do it again.

So I sent out the knowledge I did have in the group chat to see who would be interested in joining.

"It's been awhile, but it's time for another Friend Adventure!

Friday July 9th
Category: Out on the Town-Alphabet Slappers
Time: 60 minutes
Cost: free
Where: outdoor adventure-most likely will need to leave the house
Bring: Waterbottle, good shoes, maybe sunscreen and sunglasses(this is just my guess)

As a reminder since it's been some time please park on Cattail. If you can't make it that's okay! There will be another one soon!

If you have any questions please message me individually.

Then while I waited for people to show up I decided to make some lemonade, and set out some ice pops which were incredible hard to eat due the the strange shape they came in.

Besides the strange popsicles everyone who could show up did, and we went straight to scratching off the top layer to see what was below the box titled Alphabet Slappers.

Here's what it read.

"Time to get your A game on! Well make that your A-B-C game. Cause you're about to play Alphabet Slappers! Here's how it works, head into town and start walking. As you walk, search for the letters of the alphabet in alphabetical order starting with 'A'. The letters can be on anything signs, logos, etc. For the letter to count towards your progress through the alphabet, you must physically touch it. After touching it, you can move onto the next letter in the alphabet. Players cannot count the same sign, so whoever touches it first wins the letter! Also you cannot use the same sign twice for different letters. Whoever makes it all the way the alphabet first, wins!

After reading the adventure we gathered around the table discussing the best part of town to do this in. Downtown was the best option, but there was one problem... it was the first Art Walk of the summer.

Art Walk is great for local artists to show off their work in different buildings/shops along the main road. It's one of the more successful events of the summer as there is always free alcohol and snacks on top of looking at amazing art.

Because of this, it meant all of Downtown was going to be packed, but the alcohol and snacks. Those two things made our decision easy one.

So into the car we packed, and somehow easily found a parking spot behind the courthouse. From there, we trekked our way weaving in and out of the crowd to one of the main art buildings called the Emerson. I'd never been in the building, but found the inside to be that of an old school with small shops displaying art for bystanders to purchase.

We ducked into one of the smaller shops seeing a bucket of Trulys for the taking. Realizing we wouldn't be able to take the drinks to the streets we decided to use the large building filled to the brim with signs to play the game. But we had to modify the adventure slightly.

Instead of individual teams we decided to group up. Using the app 'Chooser' on my phone made it easy to see who would be on my team. Also since we were now in an art building we weren't allowed to slap the letters just take a picture of the letter or in this case an object starting with the letter if we so decided. Everything else would stay the same. Whoever got done the fastest would win the game.

I had my friend Kinzie on my team, the least competitive when it comes to my friends, but she seemed determined. At the count of three we headed off with Trulys in hand to find the alphabet. Quickly, we were finding our letters, and were half way through the alphabet in a matter of minutes.

Running through the building sometimes stopping to admire a piece of art I would quickly snap a photo and be onto the next letter. We were on the last letter Z, one of the harder letters to find, when we received the text. "We're done!"

Nooooooo! We had lost the game with the other team finishing first. We meet in the same spot we had started the game. Showing the other team our letters and them the same.

My photos aren't great as they were rushed to try and win the game, but see if you can spot the letters!

Since the game didn't last long we decided to enjoy the Art Walk and ran into a few friends. Building to building we went grabbing drink after drink admiring the art along the way. When the Art Walk was over it didn't stop us from buying shots and food at a local restaurant. We came across the best tater tots any of us have ever eaten which we aren't sure if it was because of the drinks, or because of the actual tater tots themselves.

It was an amazing night which ended with us singing loudly in the car on the way home(don't worry we had stopped drinking long before). Even though the Friend Adventure only lasted about ten minutes it started the night off strong and made some good memories.

Here's a picture of my friend's bike which ended up in my yard for the next several days after it was left for the night.

If you are interested in seeing our last Friend Adventure go check it out!

Subscribe to the blog to see what other adventures and stories I get up to here in the future. Tell me in the comments below if you have the adventure book and what adventures you and your friends have gotten up to.

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