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How To Make A Bookmark: 3 Easy Step By Step Styles for Beginners to Advanced Crafters

What Type of Bookmark Person are You?

If you are a doggie ear page folder who loves to mark up their book with highlighter then Kali Kuzma Author and Storyteller is not for you. We here like to keep our books in pristine condition when keeping track of where we left off in a book lol.

Growing up, I always had to make sure my books stayed in the best condition which meant having a bookmark to keep my place. They ranged from store bought, to homemade, to even the receipt validating purchase of the book. Anything to make sure I didn't ruin the precious pages.

If you're like me and needing to have everything in tip top shape, then check out the 3 different styles of bookmarks you can create at home. They range from easy to advance making it where anyone can create their own!

Easy-Magazine Photos(Free-$)

Making a bookmark can be easy especially when you have most of the supplies already at home!


  • Scissors

  • Magazine or Photos

  • Construction Paper

  • Glue Stick

  • Stickers

Step 1: Cut out a picture you like from a magazine or a photo from your personal collection. Here, I cut out pictures of animals from a magazine I received in the mail, but you can cut out phrases or sayings too! Cut them to any size you like. In case you are wondering, the standard bookmark size is 2" x 6".

Step 2: Take your picture and glue it to your construction paper. This is to cover up the ugly back while also ensuring a sturdy book mark. Press something heavy on the top while it dries so the photo doesn't wrinkle or bow.

Step 3: After drying, add any stickers for extra decoration. If you want to make your book mark more durable, take clear packing tape and cover your entire bookmark. Having this protective layer makes sure it doesn't get dirty and makes it sturdier.

Step 4: Enjoy your adorable new bookmark!

Medium-Paint Swatch(Free-$$)

Unless you painted your house recently this bookmark craft will have you running to your local paint shop to obtain swatches. They come in an array of colors and sizes making it fun to see what you can come up with. While you're out get fun accessories, which lay flat, to add to your DIY book mark.


  • Glue

  • Swatch

  • Scissors

  • Fun Accessories

Step 1: Like I said above, go to your local hardware store or paint shop to collect a few swatches. There are thousands to choose from but you don't need to bring them all back. Pick only what you really need.

Step 2: If you already have some fun accessories at home then go to Step 3. If not, go to your local craft shop or dollar store to find some fun items to add. I found these adorable cutouts which are slightly puffed for a few dollars.

Step 3: Now is the fun part! See what colors go together and get to cutting. Create cool shapes and layer on top of each other. Use your fun accessories to add some spice to the mix. You can see here I made a tree and another colorful bookmark, but my favorite is the little dog! So simple and easy!

Advance-Wood Burning ($$-$$$)

This one is very advance and takes some skill, but once you get the hang of it the results are amazing!


  • Wood Burner and Accessories (available on Amazon)

  • Basswood

  • Drill

  • Sanding Block

  • Scissors or Exacto Knife

Step 1: Go to your local craft store and purchase a piece of basswood. I went to JoAnn's since they always have a coupon. Depending on how many bookmarks you want to craft will determine the size of wood you purchase.

Step 2: After measuring 2"x 6" cut your basswood. It is very thin so either scissors or a Exacto Knife will work. I used my paper cutter since it's so thin.

Step 3: Once cut, take your drill and with slight press drill a hole at one of the ends so you can tie a tassel on. This step is optional! Scissors or your Exacto Knife should work for this as well.

Step 4: Take your sanding block and sand away! Sand in the direction of the grain for a soft smooth finish.

Step 5: Next prep the saying you want to wood burn into your bookmark. For mine, I wanted "ONE MORE CHAPTER". Lay out your stamps beforehand so you know your saying will fit.

Step 6: Take your first letter and wood burner and pre heat your tool. This should only take a few minutes. BE CAREFUL AS TEMPURATURES CAN REACH 1000 DEGREES!

Step 7: Once your wood burner is prepped press your first letter rock it gently back and forth for a second or two to leave the impression. Turn wood burner off and let cool before changing out letters. Repeat until your saying is complete. To save on time, press repeating letters at the same time. For example, T, O, E, R repeat in my saying so I did them all at once.

Step 8: This is optional, but if you don't like the looks of plain wood you can stain your bookmark with wood stain or coffee. Seal it with Mod Podge once dry. Add a tassel at the top to complete your book mark and enjoy!

Bonus: How to Make a Tassel

You didn't think I would leave you hanging on how to make a tassel did you? Well don't worry! Follow these simple steps to craft the perfect tassel for your bookmark.


  • String

  • Scissors

Step 1: Grab your yarn or string and wrap it around your hand several times or until you feel like you have enough.

Step 2: At the top of you loop take another piece of string and tie a double knot. Make sure this string is long enough as you will be tying it to your bookmark later.

Step 3: Next, cut another string and place it under your loop about an inch down from the top. Once again, you will double knot the string. Cut the extra off as it is not needed.

Step 4: Then, using your scissors, cut the bottom of your loop. This will create your tassel. Trim off any uneven ends.

Step 5: Tie your newly made tassel to your DIY bookmark and you are ready to begin reading! Enjoy!


Final Thoughts

I forgot how much fun it is to make bookmarks. You can personalize them as much as you want which makes it even better and they are great gifts to hand out. I'll be giving a few I made away for Christmas this year. Especially my wood burned bookmarks.

How did you do while creating your own bookmark? Let me know in the comments below which one you decided to go with!

If you enjoyed this book related craft here is another you can do!

If you are looking for a book to use your new bookmark in here are some of my book reviews along with my own children's story Princess Gabriella and the Never-Ending Kiss for only $9.99 on Amazon!

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