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Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer: A Book Review on the Twilight Saga

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Bringing Back My Childhood

I meandered the school library searching for a new title to peek my interest. I had read my way through the entire YA section on witches the week before and needed a new book to keep me occupied. Sad to leave the section of witches behind I stayed in the general paranormal section seeing if something else would catch my eye.

I stood back admiring the endless bookcases lining the walls. There, towards the bottom of one shelf, a black spine contrasted against the colorful covers nestled on either side. Without hesitation, I reached for the book. The cover, pictured hands holding a dark red apple, contained a mystery I couldn't wait to uncover.

The librarian stamped the back of the book telling me I had two weeks to return the novel. Little did I know I wouldn't need it.

Within the first few pages, I was hooked. Twilight was all I could think about. I literally didn't eat or sleep for two days as I devoured the pages curious what would happen next.

I finished reading the book, and begged to purchase the next two books of the series. We didn't have money at the time, but somehow scrounged up enough quarters from the couch cushions to buy the second and third installments, New Moon and Eclipse.

Flipping the pages felt like a high. A high I couldn't get enough of. When I finally finished the other two books I had to wait an entire year before the fourth book released.

It was agony.

At the release of the fourth book, I read the entire novel within a day. It was all I spoke about. I even got others involved to keep the high going.

Even though the series had ended at the fourth book, my friends and I were stoked to learn about a fifth installment, Midnight Sun, based around the main male character, Edward Cullen. As time of the release came closer the more excited we became until one day it was gone in a blink of an eye.

Someone from the inside released the first 13 chapters of the book. The author, Stephenie Meyer, felt defeated. She declared she wouldn't release Midnight Sun until the day everyone stopped speaking about it.

That was over 12 years ago.

During the 12 years, I often went back to the first book hoping to get the same high I felt the first time I read it. It just wasn't the same. Like others, I slowly forgot about Midnight Sun.

Then 2020 hit. Life became difficult, and the world changed. As if knowing it was time, Stephenie Meyer released Midnight Sun.

So why am I waiting until now to review the book when I could have reviewed it months ago? Well, my new love of writing children's books consumed me. I was so happy to share Princess Gabriella and the Never-Ending Kiss with you I figured my obsession with Midnight Sun would have to be pushed to the side. 16 years ago that would NOT have happened!


So what is Midnight Sun? As I mentioned before, it follows the first book in the saga, Twilight. But this time, from the point of view of the main male character, Edward Cullen.

In the first book, Bella Swan, a clumsy quick witted girl moves to Forks, Washington to live with her father, Charlie, after her mother remarries. Shortly there after, she meets a mysterious classmate whose good looks, charm, and mysterious nature makes her want to learn more about him and his family.

After spending a weekend with a family friend, Bella soon finds out there is more to the Cullen's then they are letting on. Bella quickly unravels their true identity after some unexplained situations cannot be answered other than supernatural. The more she finds out about him the more she becomes enamored with Edward Cullen.

Even though Bella's life is in danger ever second she is around him, their love for each other keeps them moving forward as seen in her eyes.

So why would anyone want to read Midnight Sun if they already read Twilight?

Unlike Twilight, a love story of a girl falling in love with a vampire, Edward's point of view is considered more of a tragedy as he contemplates letting the monster he assumed he always was take over or let his undying love for Bella change him.

Midnight Sun is an action filled book, as you see Edward internally struggle to keep Bella alive along with the powers he and his family possess.

The Cons

· Obsessive Boyfriend

Like the first book, Bella's and Edward's relationship is toxic. This is more prominent as the story goes on when you learn he stalks Bella in her sleep and watches from afar at any free chance he gets. Edward is over protective not letting Bella make her own choices even if it is as simple as driving. As a child, reading this for the first time, I thought it was cute how much they cared for each other when in reality their relationship is dependently toxic and should not be used as an example for kids.

· Already Know Most of the Story

Even though Midnight Sun is full of goodies, I often found myself skipping pages trying to get to the more action packed scenes that weren't talked about in the first book. As I got further into the book, it happened less often, but sometimes I wished the author would've skipped the more detailed conversation that was pretty well played out in the first book.

· Wished the Other Books had Their Equal

This really isn't a con because this might still happen, but I wish the other books in the series were also in Edward's point of view. Knowing what happens in book 2 could leave lots of room for the author to be creative with her story telling from Edward's point of view.

· Too Many Pomegranate References

Throughout the saga there would be one or two mentions of the title or cover image relating to the story, but after the fourth mention of the pomegranate I was over it. Like we get it, move on!

The Pros

· Edward's POV

In Twilight, Edward is a huge mystery you can't wait to find out more about. In Midnight Sun, you learn he isn't as mysterious as he seems, but he is still a complex character. Seeing intense action scenes played out from his point of view or diving deeper into his mindset takes the series to a whole new level.

· Getting to Dive Deeper into the Secondary Characters

One thing I wished Stephenie Meyer touched on more often were secondary characters in the first few books. Throughout the the series the author would sprinkle in tidbits here and there about the Cullen family making you want more. I often found their stories a bit more interesting then the main characters. In Midnight Sun, she dives deeper into characters like Emmett and Jasper, who even though were important character's throughout the series, seemed to be tossed aside when it came to other character's arcs.

It was refreshing to step away from very known characters and to read something different which helped expand the Twilight Saga world.

· Action Packed

This book was action packed with vampire fights, hunting for blood, and high speed car chases so intense I couldn't put the book down!

· More Vampire Powers

Getting to know more of the secondary characters means their vampire powers were expanded upon. It is pretty well known how expansive vampire powers can range, but seeing a more in depth look at how the character's deal with their powers is fascinating and makes them more relatable to humans.

· The Cullen's Aren't Perfect

Throughout the series Bella makes it seem as if the Cullen's are perfect in every which way. But in Midnight Sun, you see like any other family they have their ups and downs. Their family dynamic is very relatable besides the fact they are vampires.

Overall Review Summary

I really enjoyed reading Midnight Sun. It brought back so many fun memories with my friends from my teen years! I would rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars based on the nostalgia and the action scenes in the book.

The cover stayed on brand with the red and white object protruding against the black background, a theme seen throughout the series. The pomegranate captures the turmoil and struggles Edward faces along with the desire to love. Even if you haven't read the other four books, you would be able to grab this off the shelf as a stand alone read.

I love backstories and this book contains multiple as it dives deeper into each of the vampire characters along with some secondary characters who also have their own powers. Each backstory holds their own and keeps you entertained and wanting more.

The main character, Edward, is an interesting character who can't seem to figure out what's best for him. This leads to toxic traits he portrays onto his love interest, Bella. Even with this horrible trait I still find him to be unique as his devotion for family is strong and politeness towards authority figures is refreshing.

Overall, I'm so happy Stephenie Meyer decided to release Midnight Sun. Even though my obsession of the Twilight Saga isn't as strong, the love of the story still holds true.

As I write this post I decided to search some old photos and found a few gems. Pictured is my friend, Katie(right), and myself (left), as we wait for the midnight showing of Eclipse, the third installment to

the story.

Such fun times!

Let me know in the comments below if you've read Midnight Sun! If you are interested in my children's picture book Princess Gabriella and the Never-Ending Kiss, you can now purchase it on Amazon, in eBook, format for only $9.99!

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