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A Prayer in the Forest: Random 'Word' Generator Short Story Challenge

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Back at it Again!

We are back at it again with another Random Word Generator Short Story. For those who have just joined the blog, I love to write monthly short stories based off random words, sentences, or phrases. This is my second 'word' challenge in which a random generator gives me two words I must use somewhere in the short story. Check out my other stories here:

Unlike the other stories, I'm giving myself another challenge within a challenge! How exciting!!!

I'm challenging myself to write the story in 500 words or less. Or in this case 498 words or less since two of those words are already chosen for me.

This idea is based off my 250 Word Microfiction Challenge posts in which I went against 5,400 writers to win a cash prize. You can read parts 1-3 below:

So let's get into it!

Random words: Leg and Scramble


A Prayer in the Forest

It was bound to happen. The unknown terrain and snarling branches were eventually going to win.

There across my leg blood ran from the newly opened wound. With a loud rip, I tore my top into pieces in hopes to synch the gash. There goes my favorite shirt, not like it hadn’t already been ruined with sweat and dirt.

It'd been hours since I escaped from the shed. The man had forgotten to latch the lock behind him. It had been my first opportunity in what felt like weeks, and I knew it would probably be my last.

The first breath of fresh air was relieving, but I wasn’t able to hold onto the moment for long as I took in my surroundings. I was in the middle of the woods. There stood a dilapidating cabin ready to fall at the slightest wind gust, and then the shed, held solid with metal brackets and steel bars to keep me in. There wasn’t even a sign of a road leading to the place as the forest had completely taken over any trace.

So, I chose the clearest path and I sprinted.


I peered towards the treetops to get a glimpse of the blue sky. Instead, the leaves only allowed the darkest gray to peek through.

It felt good to sit for a minute. The air was cooling fast, refreshing against my flushed skin, and aching muscles. I could feel blood smear across my face as I tried to brush my sweat drenched hair away from my eyes. The gash was making a large mess.

I scrambled to my feet. I needed to find shelter, or a road before dark.

The pace was much slower than before. My leg once aching was now in severe pain. Droplets of blood followed behind. I hoped my kidnapper was not a great tracker.

From what I gathered he wasn’t a clever man. He mostly spoke in grunting noises and tossed bread at my feet. How I was kidnapped was beyond me.

I could feel myself getting lightheaded. I prayed to God for a miracle.

As if He heard me, a clearing opened up, and I saw the cabin. In front, a newer Ford truck was parked. The slightest smile crossed my face. I was never one to pray to God, but, in this moment, I was thankful I did.

I staggered over to the door and knocked.

“Is someone there? I need help! Pleaaasssseeee!” I cried out.

Inside I could hear heavy boots hitting the floor. A man appeared looking me up and down.

“Sal!” He yelled. “Your girl is here.”

I narrowed my eyes confused. What was this man talking about?

From the shadows my kidnapper appeared. “Well look what we have here,” he toothlessly grinned. "It looks like God answered my prayer. I knew He would help find you."

Before I could even turn to run he grabbed me by the arm pulling me inside.


Final Words

I did it! I wrote the story in under 500 words. 493 words to be exact.

When I first saw the two words pop up on the random generator I instantly thought of a race or competition. I usually go with my first instinct, but was unable to come up with a story. Instead, I decided to look through the stock photo to see if I would be inspired. I typed in running and started scrolling.

When I saw the picture above I knew I needed to use it as the baseline for the story. I really didn't know where the story was going, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out considering it's only 493 words. It also gives me Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes which is my favorite scary movie.

Even though it was a short one today tell me in the comments what kind of story you would have written using the words leg and scramble.

Stayed tuned for more Random Generator Short Stories! For my other pieces of work click here to see updates on upcoming releases!

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