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Third Time's the Charm: 250 Word Microfiction Challenge

Taking on the Challenge....Again

November 18th the challenge begins. Register now! This wasn't the first time I had seen this ad. In fact, I clicked on it over two years ago where it brought me to a fun challenge of writing a short story with only 250 words.

Being new to writing a blog, I figured it would be fun to talk about and see how far I could get in the competition.

Then, the next thing I knew, it was a year later and I clicked on it again, excited to take on the challenge once more.

This year though, I did not click on the ad when in popped up in my Facebook feed. The last several months had been filled with friends, family, and events. The thought of doing one more thing felt like a chore. But as November 18th creeped closer and the ad appearing more and more on my feed, I couldn't help but click on the challenge.

Once more, let's see how I do with the 250 Word Microfiction Challenge where I go head-to-head with over 5,000 writers around the world.

Genre: Action and/or Adventure

Action: Pulling a tooth

Word: Produce


Spy in the Making

The spy’s cries and struggles blends with the interrogator’s maniacal laughter as he bears down.

“Gotcha,” the interrogator chuckles, the pliers finding a proper spot around a back molar. With a tight clamp and a slow twist, blood fills the spy’s mouth at the extraction. The interrogator gleams at his newfound prize admiring it under the light. “Pretty.”

With the interrogator’s attention diverted, the last bit of rope slips from the spy’s wrists freeing him from the torture. Unaware, the interrogator’s joy shifts to confusion when the tooth he so gladly holds begins to glow red, a beeping alarming of danger sounds. The interrogator turns to find the spy fleeing.

“Wrong tooth pal!” The spy calls back just as he hears the grenade detonate.

“What are you two watching?” Mom interrupts reaching for the remote, the tv flicking off as the producer credits begin to roll.

“Nahtin,” I manage to reply with fingers and floss in my mouth. Dad finishes tying the other end around a doorknob just as I secure the floss around my loose tooth. I reach for the rope Dad had found in the garage earlier. Mom rolls her eyes and helps wrap it around my wrists.

“Right tooth pal?” Dad asks.

“Right tooth pal!” I begin to struggle with the rope hoping to free myself. Mom leaves the room just as Dad slams the door shut. Blood fills my mouth as Dad admires the tooth under the hallway light, the rope slipping from my wrists.

Final Thoughts

I'm actually shocked I went with the action route versus adventure as I tend to consume and write that genre more often.

After reading the action of pulling out a tooth, I decided to make the whole story center around this idea. I wanted to put in a fun twist in some way which is why I made the choice to have the main spy be fiction. Overall, I think the story is wholesome but also shows a kid's imagination when it comes to action/adventure.

Tell me in the comments below what kind of story you would have written given the challenge? Subscribe to the blog to find out if I make it past round one this year!

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