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10 Gift Ideas to Give Book Lovers This Holiday Season 2021

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Do You Need A Gift Idea For A Book Lover?

The holiday season is upon us which means it's time to start thinking of gifts you should get those book lovers this year. Below is a unique list of ideas ranging from free to extremely expensive. Whichever you choose the person you are getting it for will love it!

Keep scrolling to see last year's gift ideas!


10 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

1. Book Page Holder

For people who still like to read physical books know how hard it can be to keep a newly purchased book open. To help break the spine in, and give the hands a break, get your loved one a book page holder. This simple, but effective device will make reading easier and avoid pages trying to flip close. These come in a variety of materials and can be customized on several different sites with names or pictures.

I'm one to drop the book on myself while I read, so this gift is perfect for me.

Price Range: $

2. Reading Light

Nothing is worse than trying to set the mood to read a horror story with the overhead lights blaring bright. Instead, flip the switch and turn on a reading light! Couples love this gift as one can simply fall asleep without the annoyance of the main light while the other one reads into the late hours.

Some book lights even have different settings to help your eyes from getting tired. It's a win win for everyone!

I had one of these when I was younger and plan on getting one here in the future.

Price Range: $-$$

3. Notecards

Some book lovers are also inspiring writers. Get them on the journey of writing with the gift of notecards to which they can write letters to a friend or loved one. Not only is it fun for the person you are getting it for, but it's also fun for the person receiving the mail! Don't forget to add in some stamps in case they want to write someone far away.

The best part, notecards come in an array of colors and sizes and can be found in most stores. This makes it an easy shopping experience without a whole lot of guessing.

Beginning of next year, I want to start writing to a pen pal so notecards will come on handy!

Price Range: $-$$

4. Monthly Book Subscription

Subscriptions to your favorite tv channels or health foods have been popular for awhile now. So why not get that book lover of yours a monthly subscription! Depending on which subscription box you decided to go through will determine what goodies get sent to their door.

Some subscriptions only send one book a month while others send not only the book, but items relating to it as well. It can include stickers, candles, merchandise, etc. It's a whole experience which will have your book lover keep reading. Just remember to check the details of the subscription and how long you want to keep it for as it can add up fast!

Starting next month, I plan to get my own subscription to Book of the Month which gives you the option to choose from the top five trending novels of the month.

Price Range:$-$$$$

5. Credit to Kindle Vella or Audible

This year Amazon launched their new campaign Kindle Vella where authors can upload chapters at a time while they write their story. Amazon's Audible campaign has been around for years and is still going strong which let's readers listen to their favorite stories.

So, get some tokens for your book lovers to get their next book on one or both campaigns! This is a great, affordable, option and allows the person you are getting it for to pick their next book. This means one less decision for you to make this holiday season.

If you are looking for a good starter book on Kindle Vella I suggest reading my short story Team Lightning Against the Virus.

Price Range: $-$$

6. Set of the Classics

If anyone is like me then one day they will want a library in their house similar to the one in Beauty and the Beast. The best way to start a collection is with the classics!

Barnes and Noble in the past few years have recently redesigned the covers so now you don't have to go blow off the dust from the older editions. This will keep the library looking beautiful and a gift to remember for the ages.

I don't have any of these books yet, but when I get a place of my own it's the first thing I will be doing.

Price Range: $-$$$$

7. First Edition

Now depending on the book, first editions of your book lover's favorite novel can be expensive and hard to find. But if it's a classic, it will be an investment for the future!

Not only are first editions filled with the original content readers love, some can be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars the longer one keeps it. This will be a nice hand me down item for generations to come.

I don't have any in my home at the moment, but I keep all my books in case I strike gold one day.

Price Range: $$$$

8. Merchandise

When a reader loves a book they want everything encompassing it. So, get them some merchandise they can sport while they flip the pages. This can be anything from a t-shirt of the cover, to a notebook with a quote on the front, or a coffee mug with the characters face imprinted on it.

Growing up, I was obsessed with Twilight which meant I had to have anything relating to it including shirts, school folders, lunch boxes, pins, and even a cardboard cutout. The best part, you can get several smaller items and add them to a gift basket your book reader will appreciate.

Price Range: $-$$$$

9. Playlist of Songs

I don't know how some authors do it, but they listen to music while they write. What better way to get in the mindset of the author then creating a playlist with songs relating to the novel your book lover is currently reading. If you already have Spotify, put a list together and send it over as a gift. Now they can listen to it in times they aren't able to read.

Back in the day my friend used to burn CDs with songs Stephanie Meyer listened to along with songs we thought went with her book series. I still listen to them to this day!

Price Range: Free

10. All Inclusive Trip

Now this gift is expensive, but will create memories they will share for a lifetime. If you notice your book lover is always reading books about France, then it might be time for them to journey there themselves so they can share their own stories of adventure. Purchase airline tickets, a hotel stay, mode of transportation, and an itinerary of all the fun places they will enjoy.

Just make sure they have a passport in case they have never traveled internationally before otherwise they won't be going very far!

Price Range: $$$$


The Gift of Giving

Now that you've gotten the gifts the best part is the wrapping! Don't forget to get some cute seasonal bags to put your items in topped with a bow.

If you loved these 10 gift ideas, but are looking for more, check out my post from last year! There I have another 10 unique gift ideas to get book lovers that are just as good as the list above. Tell me in the comments which items you'll be giving out this year.

If you are someone who likes to give gifts on other holidays besides Christmas and birthdays my children's book Princess Gabriella and the Never-Ending Kiss is available now on Amazon for only $9.99. So go check it out!

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Dec 17, 2021

I love my reading light and could actually use a page holder. Thanks for this.

-Tamera, YourChristianBestFriend


Dec 08, 2021

love these ideas!! so unique!

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