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Recapping My Top Favorite Posts of Kali Kuzma, Author and Storyteller

It's Been a While

Usually at this point of the year, I write about any updates on my writing goals as well as give some other fun tidbits on my life. Well, at the beginning of this year, I was transferring all my blog posts onto USB drives(in case anything were to happen with the blog) and came across a post about celebrating one year on the blog as well as my top favorites.

It's been about 2.5 years since that last post and since then, I've written over 100 more posts. New favorites have occurred during that time and so I figured instead of an update on goals to travel down memory lane instead. What has changed and what has stayed the same since then?


Number of Posts

154 posts

Including this post, 154 posts have been published in total on the blog. Almost 100 posts more than the last update. That's a lot of writing!

Most Read Post

With a SEO filled title, I'm not surprised this post has stayed at the top with the most views on the blog. There are some close runner ups though!

Longest Post

-Random Word Generator Short Story

Another top that hasn't changed since the last recap. To The Girl on Eleanor Way still sits at the top with an 18-minute read with the second being Shattered, another short story, at 15 minutes.

Shortest Post

Again, another post that has kept its rank with just under a minute read! I don't do as many update posts anymore, so I'm not surprised to see that nothing has changed here. The sale is no longer going but it's still a fun post to check out.

Best Picture

This was a hard choice since there has been so many great photos to choose from over the last 100 posts. But I think this photo captures the feeling I want to bring to my stories. An eeriness found when going for a walk on a dreary day.

Best Comment

"I like the suspense! Seems more like one of those Facebook generated blurbs to pull you into buying the whole book. Maybe part of the blog should be short stories continued! 🤔 Definitely like what you came up from our picks on the poll but now I wish I had picked a higher word count. I want to know what happened."

-Miriah Anderson, Stranded

The blog has had many comments since the last recap, but this is still my favorite comment. The post has now been taken down due to the story being used as an example in my book, 45 Writing Prompts for Basic, Intermediate, and Advance Writers. The comment lives on though!

Best Moment

Publishing a book I designed, formatted, and edited myself within a few weeks was definitely an accomplishment. I even use it as a tool for some of my own stories.

Favorite Blog Series

"Random Generator Short Story Challenge"

Out of all the new series I have written or come up with, I don't think the Random Generator Series will ever be topped! The number of stories I've written since launching the blog is insane and I do have to say, I think I have come up with some pretty good ones. Guest Posts, and 5 Authors Who Write Horror are close runner ups though.

Favorite Random Generator Story

Out of all the stories I have written in my 32 years on this world, this is my favorite of all time. I think about this story all the time and hope one day it will turn into a movie. How I captured the characters and tying the ending into something threaded throughout the story is honestly top notch. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Favorite Book Review

-By Holly Jackson

This was my first book I read at the beginning of 2023 and the only reason it overtook the last top favorite book review is due to the fact it is a trilogy with a prequel. I read all four books in one week and instantly was like I have to write a book review of this series. It isn't my favorite book of all time, but it is up there.

Favorite Self-Publishing Post

This isn't a post I wrote but a guest post by Nadja Bullis. When doing research for my children's book I realized there wasn't much detail on dummy books and when I saw Nadja talking about her process I knew I needed her to come on the blog. This post has helped so many people since then create their own dummy books.

Favorite Guest Post

-By Kaity Joy

I love having guests on the blog. It is so cool to see other's processes and how they work through their creativity. I enjoyed Kaity's post because she was able to figure out everything on her own. There are so many tools out there these days and to be able to do it on your own without anyone's help is such an inspiration and one I hope other writers can learn from.

Favorite Post Title

I have some pretty weird or crazy post titles, but this more recent post is a title I've thought about years before writing the story. I think it gets the point across of what the story is going to be about but also stands out enough that someone would be interested in picking it up if they saw the title.

Favorite Sentence

"Waiting until final calls when everyone would stumble out pissing their way home."

-Crossing Paths

When I wrote this sentence, I remember thinking to myself, 'wow this is a great descriptive sentence.' Perfect for the story I was writing at the time. I'm not sure it really beats the last favorite, but I do like it a lot and thought it should be featured.

Favorite Characters


I don't know if favorite is the right term when describing Kristine. I recent reread this story and boy did I hate Kristine, just how I intended for her to come across. I literally scoffed at how she acted and it was in that moment I was like she is one of my better characters.

Favorite Pinterest Pin

I haven't really update Pinterest in the last year or so due to time restraints so this pin still sits at the top from my post, "How to Use Canva to Promote Your Blog on Pinterest".

Most Fun Blog To Write

One night while thinking of my favorite things in life, such as going to baseball games, looking at the stars, or jumping on trampolines, I knew I needed to write a post about it. I usually have the blog scheduled months in advance, but this was a post I wrote and uploaded within the next week.

Hardest Post to Write

Boy was this a hard story to write. I left it until last minute and of course wanted it to still read as a good story. I did not have fun writing this one on a time crunch, but in the end, the story turned out great. It needs work but the idea comes across as I had hoped.

Most Creative Post

This is an ongoing series that I love thinking about throughout the year. When I see or think of a gift I make sure to note it or take a screen shot. By the time I have to write the post, I always have everything I need.

Favorite Newsletter

"Big Announcements"

-June Post

I haven't sent out as many newsletters in the last year, so this gets to keep its top spot! Many things were announced in this newsletter.

Honorable Mentions

These are some that didn't make it into the categories above but should be mentioned!

The Killer Rejects is another Random Generator Short Story Challenge that I really enjoyed writing and wrote within one afternoon. It gives 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?" vibes.

Ghost Writer versus Prompt is a new series in which I get ghost writers to write a story based on a prompt to see how well they do. Sometimes the stories are great other times not so much, but that's the point of the challenge!

Lastly, 5 Authors Who Write Horror is another new series appearing each October in which we look at author's past history to see what makes them tick. Overall, it's fascinating to see how some people live their lives.


Final Thoughts

Wow! So many posts and still more to come. I really love having the blog as a hobby and seeing what creative stories and posts come out of it. Even though I've taken a back seat on not writing as many posts over the last several years, I think what I post helps other writers which is the whole point of the blog!

If you haven't subscribed, please do! Tell me which post was your favorite in the past few years along with your favorite series found on Kali Kuzma Author and Storyteller.

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